Beaufort Scale Puzzles

Beaufort Scale Puzzles

Time for a coffee break? Chill out with our Beaufort wind scale puzzles whilst testing your knowledge on wind speeds!

These puzzles are a great way to learn and remember all the forces in the beaufort scale, however this can be quite tricky. They will help students learn all the forces of the Beaufort Wind Scale and that's  vital to know if you're doing any kind of watersports!

We have created two puzzles, aimed at intermediate to advance level.

One is a crossword and the clues are split into wind speed ranges (in knots) and land and sea descriptions of the forces. You'll have to remember what the name of the force is that each clue refers to!

Our other activity is a word search, which is a bit easier as you just look for the names of the forces!

This is a great activity to test students' knowledge in a fun, activity based, way.

Download includes:

1 x A4 Beaufort Scale word search - intermediate level
1 x A4 Beaufort Scale crossword - advanced level

2 x Answer sheets


Knowing the wind strength before you go afloat is essential for wind powered sports. The Beaufort Scale has been used for over 200 years now to gauge the wind strength by looking at visual clues on land and by looking at the sea state.

The scale was devised in 1805 by the Irish hydrographer and later Rear Admiral Sir Francis Beaufort to standardise wind forecasts across the RN fleet. Over the years the wind speeds and land indicators have been added.

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