Course Plan Templates

Course Plan Templates

Sand To Salt Course Plan Templates

Trying to get your coaching organised this season? These Course Plan Templates enable you to create re-useable course plans in a variety of formats, ensuring you cover all the required parts of the syllabus whilst saving you time in the process.

Experienced instructors will have a selection of course plans that they can base courses on, helping to keep learning on track and on time. Course plans improve efficiency and are meant to be a starting point that you can tailor to your group, resources and to the conditions at your centre.

There are several options for using these templates:

1. Print and cut them out, laminate individually and keep them as dry wipe templates.

2. Print them out, fill them in and then laminate (useful if you do a lot of the same courses)

3. Fill them in on your computer, then cut and laminate. We recommend using Word (PC) or Pages (Mac) to create a new file, insert the page as an image, then edit over the top with text boxes and images.

Download Includes:

1 x zipped folder containing:

  • 5 Day Course plan template
  • 4 Day Course plan template
  • 2 Day Course plan template
  • Blank Course plan template with 5 sections

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