IRPCS Basics

IRPCS Basics

IRPCS Basics Poster

IRPCS stands for  the International Regulations for the Prevention of Collisions at Sea - in basic terms, they are the rules of the Maritime 'road'. They give us a framework to help prevent collisions.

Whereas the actual IRPCS document is many pages long, with some complicated text, we have simplified and condensed the main principals for leisure boaters, so that everyone can stay safe and know how to react in a potential collision situation.

poster EXPLAINS:
  • General principals
  • Sailboats on opposing tacks
  • Sailboats on the same tack
  • How to determine which tack you are on
  • Powerboats meeting
  • Overtaking boats
  • Stand on vessel actions
  • Sail meeting power
  • Exceptions
Download includes:

1 x Full colour Infographic - screen only, however can be printed onto two A4 sheets.

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