Powerboat Hull Types Activity 2

Powerboat Hull Types Activity 2

The Sand To Salt Powerboat Hull Types Activity Sheet.

If you’ve been learning how to operate a powerboat or completing your RYA Level 2 powerboat certificate, then this is a great way to test your knowledge

This activity tests:

  • The difference between planing and displacement hulls
  • Displacement / Round hull description and features
  • Cathedral / Dory hull description and features
  • Catamaran hull description and features
  • V shaped hull description and features

The activity is a table that asks students to complete the missing information - The name and the pros / cons relating to each boat shape silhouette. There are two sheets, one completely blank for more advanced students, and one that has some of the information completed already.

Download includes:

2 x Activity sheets testing powerboat hull shapes

Answers can be found here: Powerboat Hull Types / Shapes Poster

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