Shore Types Poster

Shore Types Poster

Shore Types Poster. Find out information about shores that are affected by the wind that you will need for wind powered sports.

For wind-powered sports like sailing, windsurfing and kitesurfing, it's important to know how wind direction affects shores - and this poster is all you need!

Whether you are an instructor teaching the beginner levels, or have just started doing wind-powered sports yourself, this poster displays the basics in a fun, colourful and animated format. The topics covered explain, in an easy to understand format, wind terminology relative to sports.

poster displays:
  • Shore Types: Windward, Leeward and Cross shores
  • Explanations of pros and cons for using each shore
  • Which shore is best for each watersport - which is best for sailing, windsurfing, kayaking, SUPing, kitesurfing and powerboats.
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This poster directly compliments our  Wind Powerpoint / Keynote Presentation and Wind Basics Poster.

Shore Types cut and stick - this activity is great for youngsters learning about shore types.

Download includes:

1 x Full colour Infographic - screen only, however can be printed onto two A4 sheets

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