Windsurfer Parts Puzzles

Windsurfer Parts Puzzles

Do you know all the parts of a windsurfer? Test out with our Windsurfer Parts Puzzles! Reaffirming knowledge in a calming shore-based activity will help to cement the tricky terminology.

This fun activity will help students learn and remember all the names for different parts of a windsurf board and rig/sail.

We have three different wordsearch puzzles, from young learner ability to our challenge ability. Each of the wordsearch puzzles contain a variety of names of windsurfer parts, from the most common to the more technical.

Download includes:

1 x A4 young learner wordsearch (Names are across and down only and in lower caps)

1 x A4 intermediate wordsearch (More names, in across, down and diagonal)

1 x A4 challenge wordsearch (Even more names, in all directions)

3 x Puzzle Answer sheets

For help, try our Windsurf Board and Rig Parts activity

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