Refund Policy

Annex C – Refund Policy

01. Refunds

Due to Our Premium Subscription Service allowing access to digital downloads immediately, we do not issue refunds on Premium Membership Accounts. Digital downloads cannot be returned, so we are within our rights to refuse refunds.

We allow access to preview detailed descriptions of every resource, with an image preview for clarity. If you are in any way unsure about whether Premium Membership is of benefit to you, please do not subscribe. 

The Free Membership option is a sample version of what users can expect from a  Premium Membership and gives an accurate demonstration of the contents of the Premium Membership. Prospective Premium Members should trial the Free Membership plan first.

We are not responsible for non-delivery or technical limitations of the end user for any reason in respect of the services and products in this clause. Due to this, we will not issue refunds in cases of technical limitations. The Free Membership plan exists in part to allow prospective Premium members to trial our website and attempt downloading and using the resources before upgrading.

All Members must always provide Us with a working, valid email address as all correspondence will be communicated via Our mailing list management service, including (but not limited to) price changes, security issues, account changes, TOS changes. It is the User’s responsibility to ensure that our communications are (a) read entirely and (b) allowed to be delivered to the User’s inbox. We will not be responsible for any complaint or adverse occurrence resulting from points stated in this clause and therefore no refunds will be issued for this reason.

Memberships that have been cancelled by us will also not be entitled to refunds.

02. Cancellations

Premium Memberships will be renewed 1 year from the initial payment, and annually every year after until cancelled.

Cancellations are performed by You, the Subscriber in the My Account section – found in the footer of every page of the website. If you cancel Your membership before the yearly renewal, You will not be entitled to a refund.

We will not issue refunds because You have not cancelled Your membership before it renews. This is Your responsibility.