Tide Rule of 12ths Worksheet

Tide Rule of 12ths Worksheet

Tides Rule of Twelfths Worksheet!

To accompany our Tides Rule of Twelfths Poster, this worksheet is great for practicing and for testing students' knowledge.

There are two worksheets on the rule of 12ths - This one is a guided rules work out sheet and there is a challenge sheet which works really well as a test.

What is the Rule of twelfths?

The Rules of Twelfths is a handy way to estimate, with a good level of accuracy, the amount the water level will rise at a specific state of tide.

  • What the Rule of Twelfths is
  • When you can use the rule
  • What the rules states
  • How to apply the rule to find out how much the water level will rise
  • How to use chart datum to estimate the actual tidal height at all times in the tidal cycle.

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