How to use a Tide Table

How to use a Tide Table

Sand To Salt How to use a Tide Table.

Do you know how to use a tide table?

This information sheet explains all the different elements of a tide table and then shows how to use one in practice.

Whether you are an instructor teaching the beginner levels, or have just started doing watersports yourself, this poster displays the basics in a fun, colourful way. The topics covered explain, in an easy to understand format, tide terminology relative to watersports.

poster EXPLAINS:
  • Finding the date, times and day
  • How to find high and low water heights and times
  • Differences between BST and GMT / UT
  • How to find springs and neaps
  • How to find chart datum on a chart and what the numbers mean
  • How to use chart datums with a tide table to ascertain total water heights
  • Worked example for all of above
Download includes:

1 x Full colour A4 Information sheet

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