Windsurf Points of Sail 2

Windsurf Points of Sail 2

This is a fun activity for windsurfers young and old and a really great one to try if you are a novice windsurfer! In our Windsurf Points of Sail Labelling activity, the learner needs to correctly draw in the sails, onto our diagram, for each direction of sailing.

If you've recently started windsurfing you may have heard about the Points of Sailing - but what are they? The points of sailing are the different directions or angles that you can windsurf on, relative to the wind. And, when learning to windsurf, it's handy to know all of them by name, and their associated sail and stance settings, in order to sail efficiently.

Learning the points of sailing is vital if you want to be able to do more advanced manoeuvres like going to windward or downwind as you'll need to know which angles you can windsurf and which you can't!

If you'd like to test your knowledge further, try our Points of Sail - Windsurfing Sail setting sheet (where you have to draw in the correct sail settings for each point).

Download includes:

1 x A4 Colour Windsurf Points of Sail labelling activity sheet

1 x A4 Colour Points of Sail for Windsurfers Poster (answer page)

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