Tides presentation

Tides presentation

Tides basics presentation - in Powerpoint and Keynote formats. Find out the basic information about tides and tide terminology that you will need to do watersports at tidal venues.

Whether you are an instructor teaching the beginner levels, or have just started doing watersports at tidal spots yourself, this presentation explains the basics in a fun, colourful and animated format. The topics covered explain, in an easy to understand format, tide terminology relative to watersports.

  • What are tides?
  • What causes tides?
  • Benefits of knowing tidal information
  • Where to get tidal information
  • How to use a tide table
  • Basic tide terms such as ebb, flow, current, high and low water, range, chart datum /L.A.T.
  • Springs and neaps
  • How current effects boating.


There are 22 full colour slides with animated parts that are click- responsive. It also includes presenter notes for a super easy, prepared lesson. If however, you want to tailor the presentation to your group's needs, you can add and delete slides, and change the notes too. So whether you are using it as a ready-to-use or as the basis for a more in depth class, it will definitely be time saving!

Download includes:

1 x Widescreen colour Microsoft PowerPoint Tides Presentation
1 x Widescreen colour Apple Mac Keynote Tides Presentation

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