Tides Theory Poster

Tides Theory Poster

Tides Theory Poster. Find out information about tides and tidal terminology that you will need to do watersports.  For watersports in tidal areas, it's important to know about tides theory - and this poster covers all the basics!

Whether you are an instructor teaching the beginner levels, or have just started doing watersports yourself, this poster displays the basics in a fun, colourful way. The topics covered explain, in an easy to understand format, tide terminology relative to watersports.

poster EXPLAINS:
  • What are tides?
  • What causes tides?
  • What is meant by high water, low water and chart datum
  • How tides are related to the moon (and sun)
  • What are tidal curves?
  • What tidal range and current are
  • What are springs and neaps?
  • What are flooding tides, ebbing tides and slack water?
Download includes:

1 x Full colour Infographic - screen only, however can be printed onto two A4 sheets.

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