Tide terms activity

Tide terms activity

Tide terms labelling activity. This activity is great for beginners just getting to grips with all the different terms related to tides.

If you've recently started boating on tidal waters you will know that tide can have a big impact on your direction, speed and safety. So knowing about tide is vital both for pleasure boating and for racing!

This fun activity is a good way to test yourself / your students on what they have learnt from lessons like our Tides Presentation.

  • High and Low water
  • Chart datum / LAT
  • Springs and Neaps
  • Range
  • Current
  • Knots
  • Ebb & Flow
  • Tidal curves
  • Slack water

Download includes:

1 x A4 Colour Tide terms labelling activity sheet

1 x A4 Colour Tide terms labelling activity sheet answers poster

related resources

We have more tides related info - Try our Tides Presentation in either Keynote (Mac) or Powerpoint formats - whether you teach or are learning this is a great introduction. Take a look at our How to use a Tide Table poster and learn how to use tidal information to make good planning decisions. Our Tides Basics Poster is a great visual with all the basic information in one place!


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